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  1. Asha

    I agree! Kesar rice is best with creamy Makhani dishes and looks so beautiful too! Great entry.Should have saved this post for RCI K Kashmir!:))

  2. Happy cook

    Love them. I am sure if you have guest and make both the rice and the butter chicken they will be pretty impressed.

  3. Apple

    Very nice n simple spanz…Loved your cute pans too..

  4. Puspha

    Lovely rice.

  5. Sirisha Kilambi

    Thatz a nice looking bowl of Kesar rice Cinnamon…….Looks very tempting…btw,your pans look great :-)

  6. easycrafts

    thanks for the simple recipe…looks great

  7. Padmaja

    saffron rice with butter chicken!! wow now i say that is heavenly!!!
    beautiful pictures cinammon

  8. sunita

    Saffron rice, and that too with butter chicken…that’s soooo very tempting indeed…and those serving bowls look gorgeous too. Thanks for the entry.

  9. Cinnamon

    Asha.. Thank You :) I think I can get something nice for the RCI too :)
    HappyCook, Yes, there is no doubt that the guests will be impressed!
    Keerths, Thank You ra!
    Pushpa, Thank You.
    Sirisha, Thank You so much, I am glad u liked it.
    EasyCrafts, ThankYou.
    Padmaja, that is indeed heavenly :)
    Sunitha, Thank You!

  10. Laavanya

    What a simple, yet flavorful rice.

  11. Rina

    That is one cool Kesar/Saffron Rice. Luv the Butter chicken too. Great recipes. Even great cool Snow layout..

  12. DEEPA

    wow!!!! excellent one …yummy rice …never made it at home ..will try it soon ..

  13. Rajitha

    love saffron rice…i think the aroma of the basmati with the saffron …how shall i say….kicks butt ;)

  14. Suganya

    Same pinch ;)

  15. Tee

    i can just imagine the rich flavor and aroma of the saffron rice. Butter chicken and saffron rice …Perfect…how i wish i could grab those bowls! :)

  16. TBC

    Saffron rice looks good. The new look of your blog is even better:-)

  17. Nabeela

    Can you believe I’ve never had saffron rice. I need to rectify that soon!

  18. Raaga

    yummy :)

  19. Padma

    Kesari Rice in that lovely pot looks so grand. I loved the combination with Butter Chicken. You are a great cook, would love to munch on that chicken one day.. what do u say?


    the reice looks so good…so as ur presentation

  21. Siri

    Well said dear – ” “White rice is nice, but yellow saffron rice is stunning”…. I totally agree with after seeing ur lovely pics..:D

  22. Prema Sundar

    wow thats a great combo.. love to have this anytime.

  23. Lissie

    what a great combination! i know, it would taste really good.. :) )

  24. ramya

    Sounds intresting.looking beautiful.

  25. Shivapriya

    Hey CT,
    You have a nice blog and mouthwatering recipes. Loved reading your blog, especially “pure Hyderabadi” one:). Saffron rice looks delicious. Will keep visiting for updates.


    Colour looks tempting to make it!!And as u hav said it will be a rich substitute for the regular ghee and jeera rice…:)Thanx fro the recipe!

  27. Mishmash !

    yes that rich butter chicken will go well with this simple yet flavored rice….you can use cream too instead of milk, not that its going to make any big difference, but some slight change is there…

  28. Swaroopa

    gr8 recipe. truely nice variation for jeers rice. will try it.

  29. Hima

    I love saffron rice. I make it once in a while as saffron is pretty costly I don’t want to run out of it ;-)

  30. Superchef

    this defenitely is stunning!!!

  31. sagari

    rice looks fresh and simple thanks for nice recipe

  32. Linda

    That saffron rice certainly looks beautiful! :)

  33. Vcuisine

    It’s lovely Cinnamon. Viji

  34. Tracy

    Rice is such a comforting food! I always save and enjoy any recipes I find using rice.

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