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  1. sireesha

    Mouth watering..Heavenly Biryani……..perfect clicks to tempt the readers…….

  2. Happy Cook / Finla

    How i wish i made it as fast as you, when i saw this in soma’s place i remeber telling her i am sure gonna do it, but till now i have not done it as Shyama is in college and I like muchmoe to make these things when she is here too.
    You have doen real justice to Soma’s dish, looks super yumm.

  3. chitra

    wow, its looking gr8. will try to make koftas with gobi :)

  4. Sanjeeta kk

    Those balls looks so tempting..would like to make mu veggie version with the same spice mix!

  5. deepti

    incredible kofta biriyani…


  6. soujanya

    looks heavenly!!!!!
    super delicious!!!!

  7. Soma

    Thank you so much for trying this out. The deep fried version must taste way better i am sure and yours looks so much better with those golden cashews!

  8. Tadka Pasta

    Oh, wow! Amazing dish, Spandana. Wish someone would do all the work and send over a big box of it! Hint! Hint! :)

  9. sridevi

    Mouth watering. Want to taste it right now!

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