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  1. Lavi

    love the rice on coconut shell, nice pics! Your step wise pics will surely make me try this soon!

  2. Richa@HobbyandMore

    Love the coconut bowl. and the warm look of the rice. mom’s always have the best tips. Since going vegan, we are slowly getting more accustomed to coconut. I’ve never had so much coconut before in my life since both me and hubbs are from the north. But now its all about using coconut in dairy substitutions…my current fave is the coconut milk yogurt. using the coconut milk for the rice is such a great idea, since hubbs is also taking time to get accustomed to coconut in so many forms.

  3. Kankana

    flavorful for sure and love the creative presentation!

  4. Indrani

    WOW, delicious in one word….will give this a try, anything with coconut is my fav…nice presentation..thanks for visiting my space

  5. Sanjeeta KK

    Quite different from what I learned to make..garlic and garam masala is new to this recipe for me.. would like to give a try!

  6. Raks

    Sounds wonderful and the clicks are awesome!

  7. Chandrani

    Coconut rice looks yummy.

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  8. indu srinivasan

    yummy and delicious coconut rice.

  9. simran kamath

    beautiful pics!…………the coconut rice sounds really tasty!my family loves coconut flavoured anything …so i’m going to try this out one of these days:)

  10. Nandita Pai

    Very different recipe, from the usual Coconut Rice that I make, would love to try this! :)

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