Tiramisu is a traditional Italian dessert, which literally means pick me up (tirami-su). This dessert has many variations, but the constant ingredient, in all the variations is Mascarpone cheese.

I was craving to have it, from the day we were back from our Italy trip last month. And finally gathered up courage to experiment it 🙂


The basic ingredients of Tiramisu include, eggs, mascarpone cheese, ladyfingers, cream, espresso coffee, liquors like brandy, marsala and rum, a little bit of sugar, and cocoa or shaved chocolate.
Since the basic recipe uses raw eggs, I have made some modifications.
The recipe is adapted from here and here.

Chocolate Tiramisu:


Cream Filling :
Mascarpone : 250g
Cream Cheese : 250g
Heavy cream : 250g
Bitter chocolate : 150g – coarsely chopped
Sugar : 1/2 cup
Raspberries : 250g, fresh or canned

Soaking Syrup:
Strong brewed coffee : 1 1/2 cups
Granulated white sugar : 2 Tbsp

Lady finger biscuits : 24

Cocoa powder : 2 Tbsp


  1. Chocolate Cream filling: Heat the cream, remove from heat and add the chocolate.
  2. Let the chocolate melt and let the mixture cool.
  3. Whisk together the mascarpone and cream cheese in a mixing bowl until smooth. Add the chocolate mixture and mix well.
  4. Keep in refrigerator till further use.
  5. Coffee Soaking Syrup: In a large shallow bowl combine the coffee and sugar. Taste and add more sugar if you like. Set aside.
  6. To Assemble:Have ready the ladyfingers, coffee mixture, and cream filling.
  7. Taking half of the lady finger biscuits, dip each one into the coffee mixture and place the lady fingers in an even layer at the bottom of a rectangular loaf pan or a dish.
  8. Spread half of the cream filling on the lady fingers, then add half of the raspberries over the cream. Repeat with another layer of ladyfingers, over this spread the remaining cream filling.
  9. Cover the Tiramisu with plastic wrap and refrigerate at least 6 hours, preferably overnight.
  10. To Serve: Remove the plastic wrap. Sift cocoa powder over the top of the Tiramisu and decorate with raspberries.

And the Verdict:
It is rightly said by someone, who described Tiramisu as, “You are experiencing the greatest dessert ecstacy of your life. You are in Heaven, and Heaven is in your mouth.
We enjoyed each and every bit to the last!!!

Food Event:
The theme for the SHF, this month is Regional or Local dish, and as it is also mentioned that the local dish from the recent vacation is also accepted, this is my entry (inspired by the Italy trip last month) for the Sugar High Fridays event being hosted by Johanna of The Passionate Cook.


39 thoughts on “Heavenly Tiramisu”

  1. Valli and Coffee, Thank You!
    Viji, ya it was worth tryinh!
    Meeta, thanks, actually I was not able to resist and wait till the dessert was set properly, and cut myself a large piece, just after 1 hr in the fridge, that is the reason of it being so moist 🙂 and in the hurry I even forgot to sprinkle with cocao pwd!!

  2. oh my god! u have made me crave for something sweet now. this looks so yummy! the first and last time i tried tiramisu was at an office party in a restaurant called ‘little italy’ in hyderabad. didnt know the recipe was quite simple.. will definitely try it out as soon as i get hold of all the recipes..

    and.. thanks a lot for your comment 🙂

  3. Great job Cinnamon! I love this dessert too,had 2 weeks back.I never made bcos I didn’t find the Mascrapone cheese so far.Looks great girl,goos job:)

  4. I Love Tiramisu too! Yours looks great. I tried a recipe a while ago that didn’t require any eggs. Will post it the next time I make it.

  5. N, how did u like taste? I heard Little Italy is quite a good place to eat!
    Archana, Thank You!
    Poonam, Me too 🙂
    Seec, ya, even I was not comfortable with using raw eggs!
    Asha, I guess u will find it in the cheese section!! DO try it, its worth it!
    Sri, Thanks 🙂
    Laavanya, waiting for ur version!
    Sharmi, Thank You.
    Suma, a piece for u 🙂

  6. Love it! I did not know what tiramisu meant…now I know 🙂 what else can I say except….Pure Bliss!! 🙂

  7. Hey Cinnamon,
    The tiramasu looks delightful! I am not too much a desert person… but i do enjoy a good tiramasu, the bets one i’ve had so far is from Cheesecake factory! Its heavenly!

  8. wowwwwwwwww lovely tiramisu….Very good picture.Realy bookmarking.i always wanted to know the recipe of tiramisu,thanks for sharing.

  9. I hav always seen it, read about it, but never have tasted it….urs has brought water to my mouth and an ickling to taste it….can i come over ? 🙂

  10. It seems today is a sweet-tooth day, I guess…..Tiramisu is mouthwatering and always heavenly and inviting …sluurrp! Can I have a piece or two, coz my dh also loves this 🙂
    thanks for sharing!

  11. Jyothsna, urs looks delicious!
    Sig, ya, I could not find any other word to describe it 🙂
    Bee, it was my pleasure sharing !!
    Tee, ya indeed pure bliss 🙂
    Latha, Tiramisu is liked by every one since it is not very sweet, and at the same time taste yummm..
    Viji, Thank You!
    Bhags, u r welcome dear 🙂
    Richa, Jyothi, TBC, Thank You !
    Cynthia, Thanks 🙂
    Padma, ya, seems like sweet-tooth day… 🙂
    Prajusha, Jyothi, Hima, Thank You girls 🙂

  12. I wish I was there NOW.

    Where in Hyd do you get Ladyfinger biscuits and raspberries??? Ladyfinger maybe in Q-Mart in Banjara Hills, but raspberries??

  13. mmmh! Tiramisu! one of my favourite desserts of all times, but only if done well! i have had many a horrible tiramisu in a restaurant, but your version looks fantastic! thanks so much for your contribution!

  14. Chocolate Tiramisu – OY!! The best of both food groups – chocolate and everything-else 😀


  15. Hi Cinnamon,

    It really looks very yummy. I was planning to try making over a weekend but unable to get certain ingredients like lady fingure biscuits & mascarpone cheese.It would be a great help if you can direct on the best source to get them. Thanks for the help.

    Once again looks too good, looking fw making it.

  16. you are lucky to find mascarpone in Hyderabad. I have no luck so far in Chennai and u r right you need mascarpone in it.

    I love brandy in tirimisu.

    Did u get sufficient kick with the coffee alone???;-)

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