Mango Mousse

Summers in India while growing up was so much fun. Though every one used to complain about high temperatures, my reasons to be happy was – one, the school vacation and two, mangoes!

We got a different variety of mangoes which are very juicy and and you cannot cut them into pieces. The only way of eating them was waiting till it is very ripe and gently pressing the fruit from all sides till it is really really soft. And the making a small hole at the top and sucking away all the juice. My mom says eating Mango like this with out letting even a drop coming out is an art.

And I miss those summers very much!

What I get here in Germany is the artificially sweetened Mango Pulp, which satisfies my mango cravings to some extent.

Last year I tried this Mango Mousse cake, which has become one of the family favorites. This is easy and fuss free.

Makes approximately 15 servings

What you Need:

Mango Pulp : 500 ml

Sugar : 1/4  cup, increase or decrease depending on the sweetness of the Mango pulp

Creme Cheese : 250 gms

Whipping Creme : 500 ml

Mango Juice : 1 and 1/2 cup

Gelatin Leaves : 7

Basic Sponge Cake : Recipe here

Ring Moulds

Mango Mousse Cake


You can bake the cake ahead. It keeps fresh till 3 days.

Slice the cake into 3 equal slices.

I used Ring Moulds to set the cake. You can use dessert cups or glasses.

Cut each cake with the ring moulds or dessert cups for the base of the cake.

Put the base in the Ring mould or dessert cup/glass and press down.

For the Mousse:

Beat Cream Cheese and Sugar(if using) till smooth.

Add in Mango Pulp and mix well.

Soak gelatin leaves in cold water.

Heat Mango Juice till very hot. Squeeze the gelatin leaves and mix with the juice.

Let it cool and add it to the Mango mixture.

Whip Cream till soft peaks form.

Gently mix cream in to the Mango mixture.

Now pour even amounts of mango mixture in to the ring moulds or cups/glasses.

Put them in the Refrigerator to set for about 5 to 6 hours or overnight.

Mango Mousse Cake



If you do not have time to bake the cake, you can even do a Biscuits base.

Break the digestive biscuits into smaller pieces and place them in a food processor and process until they are fine crumbs. Mix together with the melted butter. Press the biscuit crumbs into the Ring Mould or Cups/Glasses until compact and firm. Leave in the fridge while you make the mousse filling.


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