Mint Pea Rolls2
Minty Pea Bread Rolls

I made these bread rolls few days back here, and was quite upset with the shape of the rolls though the taste was pretty good. But as they say, the dish must a treat to both eyes and tummy. So I wanted to try my hand on them once again… I usually can’t stay steady with out getting the things perfect 🙂

I had the left over mint pea stuffing in the fridge, so I made the bread rolls for breakfast again.

Mint Pea Rolls1
Minty Pea Bread Rolls

This time, they were just perfect. A treat to both eyes and tummy 🙂 🙂
Now I believe that “Practice Makes a Man Perfect”!!!

Mint Pea Rolls3
Minty Pea Bread Rolls

My husband calls me a perfectionist 🙂 How many of you are perfectionists?? 🙂


29 thoughts on “Minty Pea Rolls – Improved :) :)”

  1. I’m a perfectionist in some areas, and my husband in other areas, so together we make a good team 😀

    Your minty pea rolls certainly look professional this time! 🙂 Well done!

  2. Hey those look so lovely….is the recipe same or did you change anything …

    on perfectionist…I am one and I expect people around me to be too..:)..this has lead to many problems but still cant forgo that habit…

  3. Well done Spanz..loved your first version too…

    I think ‘m a perfectionist and I want everyone around me to be perfect..truly speaking I’m not 😛

  4. Well this really looks perfect.
    I even checked to your other roll page.
    Good that u kept the rest of the peas in the fridge

  5. You know I am one and it stress me out too sometimes trying to everything perfect!;p

    Buns looks fabulous, did you see my buns at Aroma? Sweet buns.

  6. I’m definitely a perfectionist, but half the fun is in the process of perfecting. I’ve never heard of minty pea rolls, but I can’t wait to try them–they look gorgeous!

  7. wow…Nice looking ones Cinnamon…..Look perfect….As for the perfectionist part…I think this is one inherent quality in us cooks 🙂 Am no exception….:-)

  8. I think we share the same issue here…once my panting teacher asked me if I am a perfectionist, she had known me only for an hour or so !! 😛


  9. I admire people like you, who do things till they get it perfect. If it was me I would said’ it taste good, maybe I will make it later. Bye for now’. I liked the idea of stuffing peas. You rolls look Gorgeous

  10. These reminded me of a kind of spinach rolls I used to eat when we lived in the Middle East (I think they were called ‘sabanekh’ – not sure).

    They tasted absolutely yummy. We lived in an apartment above a bakery, and the baker only made these on the weekends for breakfast. I remember those freshly baked soft triangle-shaped buns with spinach filling inside them. I always missed them after moving away from the place.

    I’m going to give this recipe a try, and then perhaps modify it with spinach filling. I’m not at a perfectionist stage yet 🙂 – I just thank my stars if my result turns out edible.

  11. hehe… i can soooo relate to that! Another perfectionist here 😛 I sometimes get frustrated abt it myself 😀 but yeah, cant be at peace until i get something right! 🙂 This second batch looks perfect Spandana 🙂

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