I do not think there will be any one who doesn’t like Nutella(apart from people like Jags who don’t like chocolate.. weird isn’t it?? Yeah I know!)
Me and Ansh both are huge Nutella fans. Give him some work and as a reward present him a bread slice with Nutella, and there is no happier person on earth than him.
So this is for all Nutella lovers out there. Sit back and enjoy!

What You Need:
Nutella : 3/4 cup
Mascarpone : 1 cup
Whipping Cream : 1 cup
Sugar : 3 – 4 Tbsp


Whip Nutella and Mascarpone until smooth, using a hand blender or a Stand Mixer. Keep aside.
Now whip the cream till soft peaks form. Add the Sugar and continue to beat till stiff peaks.
Gently fold the cream into mascarpone mixture.
Chill and serve cold.


Mom’s Tips :
Increase or decrease the amount of sugar depending on the taste.
If you do not have mascarpone you can omit it and whip cream till soft peaks add in nutella and beat still stiff.


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