What would you prefer on a late afternoon or an evening of a scorching hot day? Ice tea, chilled juice, chilled beer hmm 🙂 , or perhaps something with vitamins and healthy.. like a smoothie… yummmm.

I love smoothies especially with seasonal fruit. Coming to fruits, my better half doesn’t very much like bananas, and my little monster doesn’t like strawberries, he says it has too many small seeds 🙂

One such hot evening, two men in my house were craving for something to drink, something sweet and chilled. The drink which came into my mind immediately was a smoothie, but the only fruits I had at hand were bananas and strawberries. And the only way I can make my men have the fruits they don’t entertain is in the liquid form.


How I did it

You will need:

Strawberries : 1 Cup

Banana : 1 Ripe

Milk : 1 Glass ( i guess my glass measures 300 ml )

Sugar : 1 Tbsp

Honey : 1 Tbsp

(you usually do not require sugar or honey, but we like it to be more sweet)

Crushed ice

Halve the strawberries, removing the green tops. Cut the banana and put both fruits into the blender, add milk and sugar and honey(if using), and blend till smooth.

Add crushed ice and serve chilled.


Verdict :

Absolutely yummy, healthy and cooling.

Mom’s Tips:

Sugar and Honey are for people with an extra sweet tooth, like us. For a more healthy recipe skip them both, or skip sugar and add just the honey.

You can also sieve it before serving, it depends on how you prefer.

You can also make it with Yogurt.


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