60 years, yes it’s been 60 years since “that” midnight seasoned with aspirations of a million people. India and Indians have come a long way; gone are the days when India was totally depended on the western world for all that’s “cutting-edge”. Today, India is a proud member of the science & technology high table.

Tri Colored Sooji Halwa

I would like to celebrate the Independence day with the Tri Color halwa 🙂

Sooji : 2 cups
Sugar : 3 cups
Ghee : 1 cup
Water : 5 cups
Salt, a pinch
Green Color, few drops
Orange Color, few drops


  1. Heat ghee in a wide bottomed pan.
  2. Add Sooji, and fry on low, till it gives a very nice aroma.
  3. Meanwhile keep water for boiling.
  4. Add boiling water to sooji, while mixing well, to avoid lumps.
  5. Keep stirring on medium, till all the water has been absorbed.
  6. Add sugar and salt, and mix well.
  7. Stir till it forms halwa consistency.
  8. Divide the halwa into 3 portions.
  9. Mix orange color in one, and green in an other.
  10. Take a wide plate, and put the halwa mixed with green and even it.
  11. Then put the one without any color and even.
  12. Lastly put the orange one and flatten.
  13. Leave it cool.
  14. Cut into desired pieces and Serve.
Tri Colored Sooji Halwa

And the Verdict:
I did not feel like serving as it is, becoz it resembled the national flag.
So I separated the layers and made them as two layered halwa after the photo session 🙂
Very appealing with different colors and tasty too!!!


39 thoughts on “Tri Colored Halwa”

  1. Dear Dear! What a sweet way to celebrate this great day. They look absolutely amazing. Happy Independence Day!

  2. i too wouldn’t have felt like eating this as it resembles our national flag:) thats very thoughtful of u to separate it into two layers and serve. beautiful and very creative one
    happy independence day:)

  3. The cubes are looking so pretty and neatly cut. Good you removed the layers before serving. Even I cannot think of eating the flag 🙂

  4. Happy Independence to One all All!!!
    I happy to know that every one liked the idea of presenting the halwa 🙂
    Thank You All!

  5. hey Cinnamon….Incidentally,I too made this sweet and posted on my blog a few hrs ago…..Was pleasantly surprised to see this dish in ur blog too….Looking great and yummy dear 🙂

  6. Happy Independence day..those reminded me of lil flags we used to pin up on our uniform for the flad hoisting in our school…oh Boy I miss those days..

    Jai Hind, Jai Bharat!

  7. this is so out-of-this-world. i thot of making a tri-colored sandwich.. but got busy cooking for the events.. was a busy holiday for independence day this year 🙂 enjoyed it though..

    thanks for dropping by.. i had barely hit the publish button before u commented 😀

  8. I liked your blog. It’s so nice and you have explained things wonderfully. I have bookmarked it and will be visiting regularly. If you get time, visit my blog as well.

  9. Am I too late to comment?…Suji Halwa looks fantastic dear..It reminds me of the Kova Cake in tri-colors..Belated happy independence day [:)]

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