The days have been warm and beautiful. It has been reaching around 35 C in between, and kids are enjoying with water sprinklers in the garden, licking homemade popsicles.

There has been so much variety of fresh fruit in the market, and the range of making fruit popsicles is unlimited. It was not long back, I made mango yogurt popsicles and the kids wanted more of them.

These fruit popsicles can be made purely out of fresh fruit pulp, but you can always add honey or simple sugar syrup for the extra sweetness. You can even make it more luxurious by adding cream or yogurt depending on the fruit.

I usually do not follow any particular recipe, but just process the fruit and add any sweetners if needed and pour in molds and freeze.


What you Need :
Sugar : 2 Tbsp, add more or less according to taste
Water : 1/4 cup
Watermelon : 2 – 3 cups, seeds removed and cubed
Lemon Juice : from 1 lemon
Pomegranate Juice : 1 cup (I used store bought, but you can always use fresh fruit)


To make the sugar syrup, bring the water to boil, add the sugar to dissolve, and remove from heat.
Puree the watermelon, and add the sugar syrup and lime juice and pomegranate juice. Mix well.
Pour the mixture into popsicle molds.
Allow the mixture to freeze for half an hour, and then add the popsicle sticks.
Freeze the popsicles overnight.


Have a Happy Summer! Enjoy!


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